As an experienced and accomplished editor, it is imperative to understand the context of a piece in order to discern the most

important details and structure the narrative flow accordingly.

I polish and refine written content to direct its flow, clarity, and focus along the most appropriate course. I delete content and words that don't coordinate with the rest of the manuscript and are not essential to the purpose of the article. I enhance the focus and attention on the most important and major details of the writing. To put it simply, I refine the written word.

As an editor, it becomes necessary to rewrite sections of text in order to improve the standard of the writing and ensure that the objectives of the document are met. Also, I check facts and raise any discrepancies or questions with the writer, as well as correct any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors.


In my opinion, proofreading and editing go hand in hand. Editing always involves proofreading, and proofreading helps catch errors that the editor may have missed.

In my training and experience as a proofreader, I have developed the fine art of detail reading. It is very different from reading for pleasure or knowledge, and differs from an editor's method of reading. The material is read letter by letter and mark by mark for errors in the spelling of words, punctuation, typeface, and more. It is a slower read. As a proofreader, I am intensely focused on these details.

Proofreading can also involve the correction of colors, typeface sizes, and illustrations; the correct placement of type and pictures on a page or website; discovering a variety of things that may have been omitted in error; and much more.



My experience as a writer has involved writing, editing, and proofreading websites; books; screenplays; transcripts; articles; letters; term papers; and more. I never get writer's block and always have a wealth of ideas that need to be materialized. My enthusiasm for working on these ideas is endless. When I find the free time to write, I relish the craft and become ecstatic when I have completed a writing project. 


I have written, edited, and proofread my own copy for the websites

I have designed. I have created the domain names, the logos, and designed all the visual characteristics of the websites without the use of templates. This also includes the choice of font styles, sizes, and colors.

My artistic websites are geared toward the creative crowd. Practically all my web pages, as well as segments of each page, can stand alone as a one of a kind, eye-catching advertisement. Also, most of my pages have background music specifically tailored to the content of the page.


You can view my websites here:    WEB DESIGNS